You Can In Fact Change The World

In a world where people extrapolate what they want or need from the Bible, I believe the word “dominion” is one that is often skewed. I am not a scholar, or theologian, but I do believe our creator would never have meant for us to oppress, torture, exploit and abuse animals, in the way we do. Dominion does not mean, “do with them whatever you want.” “Stewardship” is also mentioned, and we have been given the responsibility to take care of the earth and the animals. The animals are not here FOR us, they are here WITH us. I have had some conversations recently with people about non judgement, and not allowing one’s energy to become ruffled in trying to be an advocate for the voiceless. I often hear, “I cannot change the world, so I will just stay in a place of peace and not allow myself to be effected.” Even if I tried , I could not be one of those people.  I believe if you witness abuse, and do nothing, then you are part of it. If you know better, you do better, and so many people just do not know the truth about so much.   Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I am grateful for the activists in this world, who do not just sit back and keep their mouths shut, and their energy nice and tidy. I applaud the people who speak up, step and and take a risk to bring about change.  To show up for those who cannot, whether they be human animals or belong to other species, is an integral part of our evolution.  Change is happening regarding   animal abuse, inhumane conditions in factory farming and cruel blood sports involving animals. Kill shelters are slowly being eradicated and communities are coming together to insure changes are implemented.  These changes would not be happening if people just stayed in denial, and did not want to get their hands messy.  I saw “Selma” the other day, and expected long lines and a sold out theater, but there were just a handful of people in there.  On the other hand “American Sniper,” the real life story of Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, was sold out, show, after show, after show.  Both true stories, one man changes the world through peace, and the other with killing 160 terrorists, and protecting countless marines.  Both are heroes in my book, and no matter what your opinions are about civil rights or war,these two men  stepped up and fought for what they believed in, and paid the ultimate price.