From The Inside Out

As I was attempting to get my van windows clean this morning, I was hard to differentiate which spots were on the inside and which were on the outside.  As I continued in this pursuit of perfection, it occurred to me that is also how we see the world, and those in it. We can only see through our own spots, streaks, stories and wounds.  When something really bothers you about someone, there is good information in there.  I have long hated that saying, “if you spot it you got it,” and my ego will try to analyze that away. This is not to say when I see horrific acts of cruelty and violence that I am too like that to others, but have I ever been that way to myself?  Yes, I have in fact been less than loving to myself at times. I am referring more so to when we have an ongoing annoyance with someone. Do we in fact own a bit of the same story?  For instance, when my daughter comes home from school, I often ask her right away to do her chores. I see used drinking glasses, and plates in her room, and it irritates me to no end. Do I have coffee cups, and left over plates in my office sometimes?  I absolutely do.  This attempt to rectify behavior in others when we in fact have it, seems to be have gone on since the earth’s crust cooled. We have long tried to get others to see it our way, and that dance will continue until the sun burns out.  My duaghter taught me a great lesson when she was about three years old.  I picked out an adorable outfit for her, but was met with great resistance. I was in disbelief, I mean how could any little girl not think this was a precious outfit?  After several failed attempts at convincing her to put it on, she placed her hands on her tiny hips and looked up at me with complete conviction and said, “Mommy, everybody has their own certain ways.”  No truer words were ever spoken. So I will spend more time trying to clean my own metaphoric windshield, so that I might see less imperfection in others. Now where is that mental mirco fiber cloth?