Letting Go Of Christmas Expectations

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Letting Go of Christmas Expectations
As I placed my few, simple decorations on my porch, I heard what sounded like a carnival up the street.
I went to investigate, and was met with bright lights, music, animated reindeer, elves and an inflated Santa, complete  with all the reindeer. I was surprised there was not a brown out in the neighborhood. Ah, it is that time again, Christmas, and all the expectations that go into it. When I was a newly single mom, I had to decide whether I wanted to buy the few gifts I could, or if wanted to buy decorations and make my house look like the
Griswolds. I chose to spend my money elsewhere, even though the kids begged for animation on the front lawn.
Then there are those Christmas cards to worry about too. Instead of spending money on a family card, with picture and writing a letter about how proud I am of my kids, even if they did not make the team or get straight A’s, then spend money on postage to mail them, only to have people toss them after saying, “hey, look how big those kids are now,” we did something different.
The kids and I made one big, hand painted card of our beautiful mountains and decorated it. In our best glitter glue, we wrote “Peace on Earth.” Then we went to our friend’s homes with homemade cookies, and sang a Christmas carol, while holding up our giant, hand made, Christmas card. Our traveling card was a tradition for many years, and one of the best memories of I have of Christmas. It was the simplest of times, it was the best of times.
Let go of expectations this season, and know that what really matters is being connected to those you love. It is not about keeping up with the Joneses, it is about being present, not giving presents.

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Kat Simmons
Comedienne /Keynote Speaker/Comedy Workshops

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