Fortune Cookie Philosophy

You know you do it, I do it, we all do it. At the end of that usually way too oily Chinese dinner , we get that  sealed fortune cookie, on the brown tray with the bill we cannot read.  Even if you don’t like the fortune cookie, you know you look forward to cracking it open to find that message along with the your lucky red, lotto numbers on the back. I wonder if anyone ever goes to the casino with that little slip of paper, in search of their fortune? We all read them aloud to each other, and secretly hope that ours are right the one for us. If they are not we just assume they grabbed first, but it was really meant for us.  I have even saved them in my wallet until they disintegrate into lucky dust.  I had dinner with a man recently who was most self-centered and only spoke about himself. When he cracked open his fortune cookie, it was empty. I had to laugh and told him maybe it was a sign? I also then acted codependently and gave him mine.  I am fascinated by how much stock we put in these dry little cookies that are made out of God knows what?

If we are that impressionable about what this bit of hope predicts, then why don’t we do that everyday?  Why save this little custom for Chinese dessert?  Why not keep a jar in your home and everyday pick one out before you leave?  These cookies could be filled with inspiration and encourage kindness for yourself and the planet.  If we are so easily coached and motivated by a cookie, it would be great if we could use these little treats  more often for a higher purpose. That being said, if I could give you all a fortune cookie it would say, “if all you ever do is become the best version of yourself that you can, then you have succeeded.” By the way, I recommend #28, tofu with veggies.

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